Yes!! 40 Best Shoe Blogs and we are in!!

My blog has been reviewed and awarded by Expertido editorial team as one of the best shoe blogs globally for 2019.
They analysed my website based on content quality, authenticity factors, uniqueness, data security and a bunch of other aspects throughout the last weeks.
At the Footwear category in 2019, they looked at and compared in sum 306 blogs with each other.
Only the best blogs, in total 40, passed their check successfully and were awarded afterwards.
Those blogs that they considered as reliable and trustworthy like mine are from now on part of their best list:

Thinks like this award helps a lot to not give up and to feel that my work is responsive and people find it quite good.
There are hundreds of times that I am tired and disappointed about the slow progress of my blog or of the slow increasing my social media, but my strong obsession to share with you my passion for shoes keeps me focused on that.
Thanks a lot for your support, and stay with me for our shoe journey!

Love you


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