The opening of the first store of Ancient Greek Sandals.

Yesterday afternoon the Ancient Greek Sandals officially opened their flagship store in the centre of Athens and I was there to collect pictures and impressions.
The old Kalogirou shop was transformed into a very cosy place of hospitality for the absolute Greek summer sandals.


The blue pool tiles that had at the floor shop was a top decorative choice that instantly puts you in a holiday mood and relaxation.


I was very impressed with the variety of models and the different materials.
I have picked out some very fresh gold shell embellished sandals (remember my post about how trendy are this summer) as well as, those with the Lalaounis jewels.


It was very impressive, the leopard insole and also very interesting the rubber soles collection with suede insoles.


The ancient Greek sandals are already at the top, so all I could wish for them is to keep going and continue to pleasantly surprise us with new business plans.





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