Big red boots

Big red boots

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"Cartoon boots for a cool 3d world.
Cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality.
If you kick someone in these boots they go boing!"

That's the concept behind these big red boots created by MSCHF, an American art collective based in Brooklyn, New York.red3
Boots that look like they came straight out of a cartoon. In the context of shoes, "cartoonish" might refer to shoes with a playful or exaggerated design, similar to the style found in cartoons or comics. This could include bright-coloured shoes, bold patterns, oversized or unusual shapes, or humorous details.
However, influencers and models in the fashion industry are now obsessed with the Astro Boy Big Red Boots, wearing them to NYFW and into their daily wear. They may be worn as a statement piece or to add a playful touch to an outfit.
These TPU rubber boots are sold out immediately once they were released online on February 16th, 2023, with a retail price of $350.  The resale price on StockX skyrocketed to $1300.
What is going on with their availability?
When companies are trying to create a demand for their goods by producing a few items, they are using a marketing strategy known as "scarcity." This means that they intentionally limit the supply of their product to make it seem more valuable or desirable to consumers. Additionally, producing a few items can help companies test the market for a new product before committing to a larger production run. By producing a limited quantity, they can gauge interest and demand from consumers, and make adjustments to the product or marketing strategy before ramping up production.red99
However, people are clamouring for these “cartoon boots for a 3D world” to pursue the continued blending of virtual and real aesthetics.
Do you really like them? 

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