Check-in at PFW

Check-in at PFW

My first experience of the week of haute couture in Paris

During Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, from June 30 to July 4, the biggest fashion houses showcased their collections.
So I decided to test my abilities there and I started my preparation in time.

DSC00930 pp

An invitation to a show was a dream of life for me.
However, I knew that it was very difficult to obtain such an invitation. I started by sending a letter to the fashion houses, where I was asking kindly for an invitation.
At the same time, I was trying to find someone to give me a piece of advice. As you can imagine, I hadn’t any results.
So I decided to take an idea about the great shows as an outsider and alongside to take shots of the shop windows in Paris.

DSC00968 ppξξ

So it happened, though I didn’t know where the shows would take place till the eve of the defile.
A day before the show, Chanel released the place (it is not released by most fashion houses for security reasons).
I got further information from the photographers.

Untitled 3

After Chanel, I watched Julien Fournie’s and Armani’s Privee shows.
These two days were tiring but exciting.
I saw Paris from a different view than fashion and I liked it very much.

Untitled 1

My next mission was to take photos at the rue Saint-Honoré and the big commercial roads, where the Italian factories had a big share.
I had many things to do these two days and the time passed quickly.

Untitled 2

My big dream is to watch a big house’s defile and show you snapshots.

Till then, I ‘m content with what I can do.


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