Milan with Coronavirus

Milan with Coronavirus

A few days before, the fashion city came into quarantine.

Each journey begins on the day when planning begins.
My own started five months ago when I booked my tickets for my multi-triple trip to Milan.

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I planned to spend a day and a half at MICAM (Shoe Exhibition), a day and a half at LINEAPELLE (Leather fair) and a day for the four shoe shows I attended as part of Milan Fashion Week.
A quite tight program but feasible, although.

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However, just before my departure, an odd factor appeared.
Fortunately, things were not so severe as to cancel everything, but it certainly gave all these days a different colour and climate.
Of course, I am talking about the coronavirus that strikes China. Because of the many tourists of Asian origin, it didn't take long to hit Milan.
From the very first day, the virus has made its presence strong at the shoe show with the absence of Asians from the corridors.

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The masks and the antiseptics did not strain anyone; on the contrary, they were necessary for the protection of visitors and exhibitors.
So there was a depression in the exhibition and a few visitors, but for the centre of Milan too.
Even fewer people visited Duomo and masks were an integral part of their photos.

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Fortunately, in the presentations, I was going to go the situation was better because they were almost private.
However, despite all the unfortunate consequences, I feel lucky to be able to carry out my entire program because just two days after my return to Athens all exhibitions, presentations and the fashion week as well was cancelled and the city was quarantined.

It really shocked me that two of Italy's two heavy industries, tourism and fashion, could be hit with on a such a scale by a virus that is 7000 km away.
Ultimately this is the power of globalization and shows us how small this planet is, each point of which is interdependent with each other.



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