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5 most sought-after

shoes in 2021 that will still be in demand going into next year.

Sneakers have been conquering the fashion scene since 2019, but it seems that after months of confinement, their reign might be over. The return to normal life seems to mark a real turning point: we want to dress “well” and we have noticed a spike in interest for certain categories of shoes and surprise…. They are not sneakers!

The Mary Janes (+89% of clicks) are back in force this fall-winter 2021, kitten heels (+89% of search interest on Google), which may be thanks to the Sex and the City and Gossip Girl reboot.
The ballet flats (+33% of clicks) we can all dabble in the ballerina dream cause to TikTok’s ballet aesthetic trend.
1 miu miu
The chunky loafer like the Monolith loafer by Prada is also one of the flagship shoes of the year: search interest on Google has increased by 295%.
2 prada
Platform heels are one of the go-to shoes for the end of the year. We’ve seen a +105% increase in clicks compared to last year, paired with stockings, tights and socks – from the runway to the red carpet we’ve seen this trend everywhere.
3 versace
White boots are the last top item that was this year but will definitely still be around next year. The galactic trend is being worn right down to the toes, white boots are more desirable than ever this year and we’ve seen an +88% increase in clicks.
4 valentino
And as we still care about our comfort, ugly shoes have not said their last word and one of the key shoes of this year is none other than Crocs.
5 crocs

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