Top 10 of Hiking sandals

Summer 2019

Check the 12 key trends of this coming season.

The spring fashion - sequel of winter with the cowboy style boots keeps well. Show off all your boho moods with a pair of mules or booties and combine them with jeans and dresses.
Western (2)
They are in light, natural or metallic colours and snake-print, in order to accompany you on your nights out.
Western (1)
Sneakers hold a very large part of the market that year after year will grow. This happens because the fashion industry has invested a lot in the design and establishment of sneakers as a fashion statement.
Αθλητικά (2)

They are made in different types (dad, chunky, ugly, and retro) and material (metal, neon, sock-boot, snake-print, neon, ornaments, stones…), in order to wear them all day long.
Αθλητικά (1)

One of the most important trends of this winter. Logomania is about placing the company's brand name in a prominent position on the shoes.
Logomania (1)
We love that these bold and colourful labelled shoes allow us to wear neutral coloured outfits while still maintaining a fresh dose of originality.
Logomania (2)
Animal print
Animal print is a hot trend this summer. The African savannah is in sheer variety in every style and outfit.

Animal print  (1)
Snake prints in colourful or light shades are a starring trend, but black-and-white zebras and cows are ready to replace them and take the flashes of the following winter.
Animal print  (2)

Platforms, the thick heels, are the big trend in the Eighties that the fashion world is climbing all over itself to embrace.
Πλατφόρμες (1)
For this spring-summer 2019, wear your platform sandals and feel extremely striking and confident.
Πλατφόρμες (2)

Alternative heel shapes
Unusual, sculptural heels, with an innovative shape, will be a significant element of your beautiful and simple shoes of this season.
Ευφάνταστα τακούνια (2)
In the fashion shows, we met the tried and true shapes that we love and, on the other hand, architectural heels that start narrow and end wide.
Ευφάνταστα τακούνια (1)

Fluorescent colours
Protect your eyes because some of the best for the spring/summer 2019 shoe trends are fluorescent and neon colours that shine like the sun and fit very nicely on your suntanned legs.
Φωσφόριζέ χρώματα  (1)
Neon is fresh and vibrant and hints at an innate playfulness and energy. It turns even the worst mood around. The main trend will be yellow.
Φωσφόριζέ χρώματα  (2)

Fringe gives you a sassy mood and the feeling of movement you want your summer shoes to have, in every step.
Κρόσσια (1)
It encompasses a wide scope of material and style moods: sandals for a night out, western boots or flat bohemian gipsy sandals.
Κρόσσια (2)

Mules and Slides
Mules and slides are easy to wear and style. They have a go-with-anything style to literally complete all your spring ensembles with quiet and understated sophistication.
Mules – σαμπό (1)
It is no coincidence that when mules do their comeback, they always become bestsellers. You can wear them all day long.
Mules – σαμπό (2)

Teva Style
Most of us believe that this kind of shoe is comfortable but not elegant. This is not true. Let’ try to see Teva style shoes differently and create a truly unique look.
Τύπου teva (1)
The comfortable Velcro of the straps, their anatomy, their impressive combinations and the chunky soles are some of the features that will make you love them.
Τύπου teva (2)

Raffia, straw and braided
Natural materials hit high notes for the spring/summer 2019 shoe trends. Raffia, straw, laces and rattan are classified in this category and they fit very well into the season.
Πλεκτά, σχοινιά (1)
All natural materials will change to nautical ropes, braids, woven, knitted form and belie a sophisticated and elegant sensibility.
Πλεκτά, σχοινιά (2)

A trend that many fashion houses have shown and many companies put in their collections. Many people consider it as an aesthetically cheap trend, some people don’t like it, but the fact is that we will see many shoes with transparency this summer.
Διαφάνειες (1)
Transparency has many fans who like their feet to look naked when they are wearing their shoes and these are the customers who will buy them.
Διαφάνειες (2)

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