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Top 20 shoe trends

for ladies, ready to wear for Autumn-Winter 2019-20.

1. Thick chunky sole

The thick chunky sole first appeared in the ugly sneakers.  Now we see them on every type of shoes, on the military booties, the western, the Mary Janes and many other designs.  They deservedly starred in catwalks, because they give a sporty and extravagant air even to the simplest design.


2. Geometric toes

The presence of thick and square toes is intense, as these toes fit very well with the androgyne style, which is a trend for this winter. On the other hand, the sharp and pointy toes continue to be the stars in the elegant fashion shows.
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3. Platforms heels
They were the pleasant surprise from the seventies and they take their place in all winter collections. We’ll see them in every shoe type, such as heels, boots, and sandals. The heels are usually thick and they fit with the disco-ball.

Untitled 3

4. Victorian Lace-Ups

It’s about the shoes that, in their time, there was needed an assistant in order to tie them. They are high heels shoes with eyelets and the laces. Nowadays we can wear them easily because of the zippers they have at the inside of the shoes.

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5. Croc patent leather

The snake was the protagonist during the summer. In the winter, the crocodile will be the great trend. It’s a material that we’ll see widely in every shoe type and colour. The highlight of the season is the high crocus boots in earthy tones.

Untitled 5
6. Flared heel

They are the heels that extend to the top piece and they don’t pass unnoticed. We’ll see them in thick and thin versions, instead of stiletto heels, that now belong in the past. They fit perfectly with thick square toes and a simple design.

Untitled 6

7. Mary Janes

The well-known pumps with front straps are a big trend this winter.  They remind us that the simple and classic, with the right touches, can become super fashionable.  We’ll find them in incredible materials (croco, glitter, patent leather), in many colours, heights and accompanied by thick heels.

Untitled 7

8. Punk Platforms

I think that this trend has come to stay!  It’s about the comeback of the punk thick sole, accompanied by a laced boot or derby. The feminine but also grunge look is filled with metallic embellishments, crazed leather, brushed skin and the usual glossy ones.

Untitled 8

9. Dark green & Purple

Two are the colours that stand out this winter, except for the black.  The Forest Biome, that is very easy to combine it that you can find it in lighter tones if you are interested in a loafer or a flat, and the Grapeade, which is very famous this season.

Untitled 9

10. Western vibes

Cowboy boots, with no intense western character in a variety of materials, colours, soles and patterns, will be a trend this winter.  They will have only one western element, at almost every type of shoe, to offer a cowboy vibe.


Untitled 10

11. Shearling & Fur

Fur as a decoration on shoes was a trend last year, but it will be in fashion this year, too.  The teddy bear fur and the sheepskin will be the new entry and we’ll see them as upper leather or lining in flashy or earthy colours.

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12. Floral
Their presence is surprising because florals are not best sellers and easily combined. Although we saw them on many catwalks, not only on shoes but on boots, too, as in Zimmermann. The colours are ton sur ton and the textiles are brocade or satin.
Untitled 12

13. Buckles & Bows

We meet bows mostly in elegant shoes. They are decorated with metallic elements and stones, in order to give glam. Buckles are the major decorative items of winter, in different sizes and versions.

Untitled 13

14. Calf-Hugging & sock Boots
Sock boots is a last year’s trend that continues to impress this year, especially but not only in boots. Also important is the presence of stretch fabric boots that hug like other skin and flatter the foot.
Untitled 14

15. Animal prints & snakes
The snake’s presence was unstoppable this summer. They continue to exist in darker colours and they make an impression. As far as it concerns the animal prints, they will be limited to cow, tiger and zebra prints in black, white and brown tones.

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16. Crinkled & Slouchy
Except for the YSL slouchy boots that were the top trend last year, we also see several boots and booties on soft skins with their wrinkles starting from the instep. Crushed details will be available in all shoe styles as well as crazed or soft calf leather.
Untitled 16

17. Wedges
Winter wedges are not very different from summer ones in comfort and style. They are women’s favourites and they easily replace the stilettos in our evenings or sports outfits. They are loved for the stability that they give.
Untitled 17
18. Loafers
Loafers are the perfect combination of androgyne style this winter. They are chic and fit very well with blazer costumes, which are the trend of this season. Choose between mules and boots and be sure that you will be absolutely stylish.

Untitled 18
19. Party παπούτσια.
Party shoes aren’t a trend, they are an attitude to life. They have been in fashion since last winter and they add glitter to our life.

Untitled 19
20. Sneakers
Sneakers are a category themselves, with many trends and styles every season. This winter, besides the usual categories (retro, embellished, shocks, ugly), the retro-high top (Jordan type boots) and the trek sneakers (with climbing specifications and style) are also very trendy.
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