Boots report 2020

2019 trends that are out and 2020 styles that are in

+238% more clicks YoY Platform combat boots VS  Lace-up Boots -63% less clicks YoY
With a 238% increase in clicks compared to last year, stompers, or platform combat boots, are definitely one of the must-haves of this fall/winter.

+783% more clicks YoY Riding Boots VS Cowboy Boots -26% less clicks YoY
With a 783% increase in clicks compared to last year, riding and waterproof boots, have definitely a significant increase in interest this fall/winter.


+1021% more clicks YoY Thigh-high boots VSAnkle Boots -4% less clicks YoY
With an increase in clicks of well over 1,000, this shoe model is the must-haves this fall/winter 2020. We will see them everywhere.


+46% more clicks YoY Suede Boots VS Vinyl Crocodile Boots -38% less clicks YoY
Suede boots are already making an appearance on feet of the trendiest it-girls. The trend continues with a 46% increase in clicks.

YoY = This Year – Last Year

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